Lodra Led Lightline

LODRA is a revolution in the installation of light line technology for harsh conditions.

Lodra LED Lightline has many applications in traffic. Below are some examples where our LED light line can be applied and road safety will improve.

  • At crossings for pedestrians, linked to a VRI installation.
  • At crossings for pedestrians and / or cyclists, where there is no link to a traffic control system.
  • In the same situation as described above, but in the outside area and provided with electricity through a solar panel.
  • In set-up boxes for cyclists.
  • When making a separation between bike path and roadway. In a situation where cyclists have to enter from a cycle path to the road.

There are numerous other situations where our Led Lightline can be used in traffic and thus increases road safety.

Light line technology

LODRA is a light line with a much clearer signal function than the common individual or interrupted LED markers. The non-stop lighting technology creates a line that really burns as one whole. The large contrast and the clear marking feature offer many applications of this light line technology in the field of safety.

No glare

Due to the high brightness, this LED light line can also be observed very well in daylight environment. By means of built-in light sensors, the light intensity of the light unit will also decrease automatically with decreasing ambient light, so that no glare occurs in the evening and night.

Multiple colors

LODRA is an RGB light line, so any desired color can be chosen to ensure the correct attention value. This means that you always have exactly matching colors to the color of existing markers or warning systems, such as those of existing traffic lights or warning lamps. But also different colors in one line or different successive colors are possible.

Running light

Although our traffic line is considered as one line many variations are possible. The LED light line can be used as an active “running light line”, by letting it burn for example every 4 cm. Another option is to have the line generate a different light intensity or even a different color per 4 cm. This makes the light line for re-traffic unique and suitable for the most diverse situations.

Easy installation

LODRA is specially designed for a simple and quick installation. The unit is mounted when assembled or assembled. LODRA is available in sizes from 60 cm up to 1.50 meters (increasing by 30 cm) so that any desired size is possible. The units can be interconnected, creating a virtually seamless light line.


The software of this LED light line has been developed in such a way that it can be controlled with virtually any conceivable protocol. It is therefore possible to communicate with any existing light control system and our Trafficline is very easy to incorporate into existing lighting systems.


Our LED light line for application in traffic is a built-in system. Due to the unique design of LODRA, you do not suffer from height differences with the surfaces in which the light line is applied. This makes it absolutely no obstacle for users. The glass of the LODRA Trafficline has a rough, anti-slip surface.

Reliable IK10 and IP68

The unit is made of high-quality aluminum, which precludes corrosion, with a window of laminated and scratch-free glass, which means that the entire unit meets the IK-10 standards. All electronic components, including the LEDs, are completely sealed and thus 100% shielded, against the penetration of moisture and dirt. This means our LED light line for traffic complies with the IP68 standard.


The unit is designed for a temperature range of -20 ° C to + 60 ° C and optionally even up to + 70 ° C. The controller is located in the lighting unit directly next to the LED strip, so that the communication lines between controller and LED can not be disturbed. The LODRA is a sealed-for-life application and does not require any specific maintenance during its technical lifespan. Should there be a malfunction in the least favorable situation, then the LED unit, along with the control unit, can easily be replaced along the top.

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