Traffic safety is one of the activities of Westend Lighting. In order to increase safety in traffic, Westend Lighting develops products that can be used under extreme conditions. The high quality of our traffic safety products makes it possible to use them in most unsafe traffic situations. Traffic is often thought of urban environments and motorways, but with the theme of traffic safety, do not forget the airports, seaports, rivers, railways.

Industrial safety

Industrial safety is becoming increasingly important. Rules and legislation regarding safe working are drawn up by the European Union and national governments. At Westend Lighting we develop very robust safety lighting that can be used without problem in industrial environments. Our safety lighting products are used, for example, to mark unsafe and fall-hazard situations, to clearly indicate escape routes and also to give safety zones an extra attention value.

Public safety

Every day we are confronted with unsafe situations in public areas such as stations, airports and shopping centers. The safety of the visitors must also be optimally arranged at large events and in stadiums. Westend Lighting supplies various products, such as Led light lines and contour lighting. Crowd management can be greatly improved with these safety products. An example of crowd management is directing the audience in the right direction by using Led Light Lines.

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