Safety Products


Lodra LED Lightline

Safety in traffic, industry and  public environments

Lodra is a LED light line that can be used under extreme conditions.

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Lutra LED Lightline

Makes your escape route visible

Lutra is a LED light line, which can be used under various conditions, such as in tunnels, theatres, warehouses, etc.

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Linea20 LED Lightline

Linea20 is is a very robust lighline that can be used in many situations.

Linea20 is suited for safety as well as decorative applications, both inside and outside.

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Linea32 LED Lightline

Linea32 for general and decorative applications.

The LINEA32 series of Westend Lighting offers lighting designers and architects the possibility to use their creativity to the full.

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Customized LED lightlines

Westend Lighting; specialized in tailor-made led lighting solutions.

If you cannot find the right product anywhere, Westend Lighting is your perfect partner.

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