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Specialist for safety lighting.

Westend Lighting B.V., part of the NDF Group, has been active since 1 November 2018 in the market for lighting in the field of safety. The company specializes in safety lighting for road safety, industrial safety and safety in the public environment.

At NDF, the demand for lighting that can be applied in the area of safety became ever greater. Developing and producing high-quality safety lighting is only possible if there is sufficient expertise and craftmanship within the company that innovates and produces in the Netherlands. For NDF it was therefore a logical step to join NDF Special Light Products B.V. specializing in display solutions, a second specialist company, Westend Lighting B.V., to set up where the focus is entirely on safety.

The philisophy of Westend Lighting B.V. is based on the following core values:

  • Protecting lifes
  • Reliable for a long time
  • Thinking different

Protecting lifes

Protecting lifes by focusing on safety in traffic, industrial safety and in public environments, but also by having employees work in a safe environment and making as much use as possible of sustainable and safe raw materials.

Reliable for a long time

Reliable for a long period, through good design of our products and a long-term vision for the use of the products and use high-quality components that have a long life.

Reliable for our customers, by creating a long-term relationship with mutual respect and respecting agreements.

Thinking different

Thinking different or thinking outside of the box. In our current world with many disposable products, we are happy to make the distinction by delivering products with a long life, which significantly reduces the environmental impact. Our aim is to produce circularly. In addition, for all the products we develop and produce, we strive to ensure that these products can function completely or almost completely energy neutral.

Thinking different by also developing products that are tailor-made for the customer. We distinguish ourselves by offering the customer the possibility to order small series, which greatly reduces the risk of waste of materials. 


The NDF Group has customers all over the world. This means that Westend Lighting B.V. will also be active worldwide. Westend Lighting B.V. will use the existing worldwide network of the NDF Group, but will also look for importers and agents who specialize in our areas, road safety, industrial safety and safety in public spaces. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or representative of our products, we will gladly make an appointment with you.

Westend Lighting B.V.

Telephone: +31 85 3487 9670 , email:



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