Increase traffic safety with Led Lightline

 In General, Traffic safety

Led light lines can make a major contribution to improving road safety. Westend Lighting has developed a very robust light line that is very versatile in all kinds of environments, where road safety leaves something to be desired. On the photo you can clearly see the green light light line. This automatically changes with the traffic light at this pedestrian crossing. At the moment that the traffic light turns red, the LED Light line will also turn red. The big advantage is that the pedestrian will not stand directly on the curb, but will remain behind the red line. This prevents dangerous situations.

  • If a truck makes a short turn, the pedestrian is not in the blind spot.
  • Prams are not placed on the curd in red light
  • Smartphone users see that they are approaching a traffic light

These are just a few examples of dangerous situations for pedestrians at a crossing.

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