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Marking the escape route with a dynamic LED light line

Westend Lighting is a manufacturer of high quality LED Lines, which are particularly suitable for evacuating the public during calamities. The Lodra dynamic evacuation LED light line is a good example of this. This dynamic LED light line has been developed for use in extreme conditions. It is very well possible to integrate the Lodra escape line into your evacuation system. In this way you can guide the persons present via dynamic LED lighting, for example in the floor, to the nearest emergency exit.

Smoke up and dymamic lighting down

The main advantage of this light line in the floor is that in case of fire you can always see the lighting in the floor. The smoke developed during a fire will always first fill the space at the top and only then come down. This is also the reason why in an aircraft the route to the emergency exit is indicated via the floor. So when the emergency lighting above the escape door is no longer visible because of the smoke, by using our Lodra dynamic evacuation lighting, the escape routes to the emergency exit will remain clearly visible.

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